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EQ Spring News 2014

    The election campaign given you an itchy vote finger? Why not vote on our EQ Homes campaign….. View this email in your browser Spring News 2014 Spring! Glorious time of inclement weather, baby animals and signal for gym owners everywhere to rub their hands in glee.And, since it’s spring and you are an ... Read More


NOT HOT – Mobile phone blackspots NOT HOT – Magness Benrow and Mad Butcher Ads – Please stop them NOT HOT – Continued news  about the Labour Leadership NOT HOT – Winston Peters being interviewed about impt issues that face New Zealand and the world HOT – The Grove development in papakura – new 5 ... Read More
Is it Just me, or…..

Is it Just me, or…..

Do we spend ( translate waste) so much time setting up our devices, organising and viewing social media that if we measured it in hours it is huge $$$ invested every week. How often do you set up a new phone, iPad, computer, home hub, pebble watch, printer, wifi, router etc and download all the latest ... Read More

EQ Homes “Name A Street”

[wp-tiles] EQ Homes’s first ever “Name A Street” Competition. First up, the family-friendly Redoubt Ridge suburb — the road to be named is Road 3. Road 3 is a continuation of Joseph St. You can view the map here: For a better view, download the PDF file here. As with all competitions, there are rules. ... Read More
The Homeless Seal

The Homeless Seal

Yesterday walking along an auckland beach a group of bystanders stood worried in a circle around a seal that looked as it were trying to sleep. Three of them had phones out calling Doc, the council and seal rescue. They shooed dogs away and had concerned looks on their faces. They announced they would wait ... Read More

Housing Affordability Facts

I purchased my first house in 1983 for $63,000. It was slightly above the auckland price. At the time my annual income was $5000 a year although the average income was more alike $8500 a year.  So lets take $8500 as a % of $63,000 – that equals 13.5%. Now lets take the average income ... Read More

The Google

Im getting annoyed. There was a time when Google truly represented information on any topic. Now the first 1, 2 even up to 10 pages are dictated by paid placements. So if you want to look for coastal land for sale near Auckland you have to wade though pages of organisations who pay to keep ... Read More
The Smart House is coming…

The Smart House is coming…

If you believe the hype, then no longer does one have to worry about the oven being left on, a dripping tap, or running out of milk. Our devices will allow us to communicate with our homes from afar, and our homes to interact with us intuitively when we are there –great for everyone from ... Read More

EQ Winter News

  Why porridge is the best and modern design will reign forever, as well as a spot of educationally educational info about specialty coffee. View this email in your browser Winter News 2014 Ahh, it seems we have well and truly delved into winter coat season and are all eagerly looking forward to ski trips, ... Read More

EQ Autumn News

  Nat answers our burning questions, building advice from the best, and other latest goings on in EQ Land. View this email in your browser Autumn News 2014 The days are shortening, the weather is cooling off and those crisp blue skied days are upon us again! This issue of the Equinox News celebrates our ... Read More


So do you turn the radio off when the squabbling magness benrow people start screeching, or when the mad butcher says his stuff. What about the briscoes lady, and the everyone gets a bargain catchphrase?  I suppose this blog is no different –  we all  try and promote our products using subtle or extreme messages. ... Read More

Orakei in the NBR

If you’re a member of the National Business Review; read article here. Otherwise, pdf version here: CUserscameronAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.Outlook7NZCHRVR20140207101319142.
Predictions of the year to come…

Predictions of the year to come…

Here’s my predictions: 1.Interest rates won’t go up next week – why should they? 2. The economy will be very very strong in 2014 – it’s election year 3. The economy will be strong in 2015 – doesn’t matter which parties get in – they are all middle of the road and only intent on ... Read More