EQ Initiative

Equinox InitiativeWe have started our One by One Project – whereby as individuals or families we can help others in need One by One. It’s hard to commit, it’s time consuming but it is rewarding for those your help. Find a family, person or business that needs your help – and simply help on a One by One basis – whether it is money, job, mentoring, time – just help people One by One.

Equinox’s second EQ Initiative is the commitment of funds from each stage of each project we are building to local charities in the location the projects are being built in.

The Grove at Papakura has 3 stages – therefore 3 donations will be made.

Redoubt Ridge has 3 stage – so another 3.

88 Broadway has one.

Orakei Bay Village has 5.

Takanini could have 3 or 4!

So, if you are a worthy charity and the majority of your donations go to those in need (ie you don’t have huge admin costs) then contact kerry@eqgroup.co.nz.