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Why porridge is the best and modern design will reign forever, as well as a spot of educationally educational info about specialty coffee.
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Winter News 2014

Ahh, it seems we have well and truly delved into winter coat season and are all eagerly looking forward to ski trips, the International Film Festival, and mulled wine by the fire in wooly socks and all that what-not which comes along with the driving rain.

This issue we chat to the fashionable and design savvy Kent Hemingway about the best and worst of modernism and pat ourselves on the back for achieving a 6 Homestar environmental rating for our Redoubt Ridge houses (NZ Building Code is currently 4, while the average NZ home gets a 3)!

Redoubt Ridge

Redoubt Ridge: A mean green eco machine!

The title may be slightly overstating it, but all the same, Development Manager Matt Wickham has been tirelessly delving into the minute details of construction waste (the largest contributor to the environmental footprint of a new house – in fact the construction of a standard 3 bedroom home creates around 6 tonnes of waste – 85% of which can be diverted from landfill), insulation, light fittings, lifetime costs, off-gassing, and other such items. After a long and painstaking process, the homes within our Redoubt Ridge development have been awarded 6/10 Homestars. Current building code sits at 4/10, while the majority of NZ homes get a 3/10.

Naturally we are very pleased with this outcome, as we are sure the owners of these homes will be too. With half the average energy consumption of a normal house plus added health benefits from living in a warm, dry environment, it seems likely we will see the final stage of Redoubt Ridge selling out even quicker than the first two stages.
If you would like to find out more about Homestar, or are looking at building or retrofitting, click the link below.

Learn more about Redoubt Ridge
Homestar Certification

Eat Me.

Perfect Porridge

Easy to make, cheap as chips, full of vitamin A, Iron, Calcium and Fibre, low GI, and a rather cockle warming start to your day, porridge is certainly not just for nana. Pop it on to cook while you’re scouting out your threads for the day and you’ll be winning already!

Ditch the glug and eat it like you’re supposed to.

Makes: 1 bowl
1/2 cup oats
1 cup water or 1/2 – 1/2 milk and water
Pinch of salt
Greek Yogurt, Frozen Berries, Honey, Brown Sugar, LSA, Almonds, Fruit fresh or tinned…the world is your oyster!


Porridge is creamiest if the oats are soaked overnight, but who can remember? Use rolled oats to keep the consistency nommy. Add oats, liquid and salt to pot, heat on low heat, stir occasionally and you’re done! Bung the good stuff on top and you’re away! I just eat it straight out of the pot thereby halving the porridge encrusted utensils waiting to be cleaned when you get home again and keeping it hot for longer! Genius!

*I know I don’t need to tell any of you how to make porridge, but it has been a recent epiphany for me that adding salt makes it so much more delicious. Clearly my education lacked the essentials. Perhaps your’s did to.

Tips on drinking the good stuff

Coffee Coffee with Scott McLean from Chuffed Cafe

There’s no doubt about it, Coffee is here to stay. But, with this comes the proliferation of soulless chains and eager, yet uniformed beavers (actually a friend of mine who works funding SME’s said 95% of hopefuls genius business idea is to open a cafe). Still, most of the time, in most places, you can get a pretty decent cuppa. So what sorts the passionate, skilled wheat from the chaff? Here to help us understand caffeinated class is Scott McLean, barista, roaster and founder of the hot new kid on the High St block, Chuffed Cafe.“As the fastest growing niche market in such hip cities as Seattle, Portland, Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne ‘Specialty coffee’ is really pushing the Agenda forward.Specialty coffee covers a broad range of items.  From the species of coffee bean, the farmer who grows it, the altitude it grows at, the process used to remove the outer shell of the coffee cherry; all create different flavours within the end result.  There are many facets of green bean production which bring coffee into the specialty range.‘Specialty coffee’ also covers the way in which the roasted bean flavours are extracted. Within a specialty coffee house you will always find more than one extraction technique. These may include espresso and filter coffee techniques such as v60, Chemex, and drip batch coffee. Increasingly popular also are iced coffee techniques – cold brew and cold drip (pictured).

Cold drip is the far superior relative of cold brew; cold brew gets the job done but lacks the sophistication that cold drip provides. Cold brew is an agricultural process whereby you grind the coffee beans, soak in a bucket overnight and then filter the water through a cloth.  Cold drip on the other hand is a process that can only be performed with specific equipment. Here at Chuffed we drip pure iced water over a light roasted single origin grind at a rate of around 1 drip per second. After around 10 hours a litre of coffee has been extracted and is collected in the flask at the bottom. Cold drip coffee can be stored for about a week and is delicious served over ice.

The flavours produced through the cold drip process are very clean allowing specific taste profiles to come through.  I love drinking cold drip in the afternoon when you don’t feel like a milky coffee, and it’s also a great pick me up as the caffeine effect from cold drip doesn’t make you so jittery.”

Make friends with Chuffed

Progress on other projects

  • Redoubt Ridge – Stage One Site Works well underway
  • The Grove – Pre-construction site works currently taking place
  • Takanini Central – Pre-construction site works currently taking place – First houses beginning August
  • Orakei Bay Village – Site Works due to start by the end of the year
  • 88 Broadway – Pre-sales still taking place. Demolition first quarter ’15

Paying Homage to the design of the future – a chat wth Kent Hemingway

Kent, founder of furniture haven Homage and fanboy of robots, clean lines and furniture which serves the user – rather than itself, rather obligingly chatted to us about the best and worst of modern design…among other things…

“Modern design epitomises an era of hope and forward optimistic thinking. Previous design had always looked to the past for its inspiration, but the post war world desired nothing to do with the dark years it had just emerged from. New shapes, materials, and an entirely new way of life were being embraced by all, with designers, architects, artists and business leading the way. Never before, nor since has the look of our lives changed so dramatically, and this is an integral part of what makes modern design so timeless, unique, and long lasting. Equally at home within the living spaces of the 1960’s, or 2000’s, it is little wonder that pieces by Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames and Arne Jacobsen continue to find their way into our hearts and homes”.

Hemingway maintains this design is supreme in its timelessness and will remain current forever, making fantastic investment pieces. Although citing it as the worst aspect, Kent remains unperturbed by the proliferation of cheap modern design available now, sanctioning its continued presence in the public eye as a boon for the era, making it more accessible, keeping it foremost in the mind of the purchaser and providing an affordable stepping stone for future investment in the real thing.

Choosing (with difficulty) the Eames Lounger (pictured) as his ultimate favourite, Hemingway originally got into the business because he was trying to source one for a store he worked in. Finding a gap and filling it resulted in the opening of Homage in 2007. Initially stocking only modern high quality replicas he has since evolved and broadened his design philosophy to include pieces by contemporary designers from NZ and overseas. Rejecting fashionable trends, you’ll only find pieces sure to last the distance in his store.

A collector of quotes, Hemingway closed with this wee piece of advice.

“Don’t be a cookie cutter, do whatever you like with your living space. It should be a reflection of who you are, not who others think you should be. Actually, make it two pieces of advice – “Life is too short for ugly furniture”.

A firm believer in old fashioned service, Hemingway is happy to trot over to ones house for a spot of impromptu interior design, indeed, as a self-confessed voyeur he loves seeing the spaces in which people live. Pop in for a chat whilst seated on the down filled, black aniline leather, black framed Le Corbusier Grand Confort arm chair at 1 Morgan St.

Vintage Eames Lounger

Pay Homage

The timeless and classic Audrey herself.

NZIFF picks from Sarah Bing

Winter can be pretty awful, but the NZIFF is a bright spot of joy and delight amidst the rainy cold nonsense. Film releases have been dribbling out, but are far from complete. Thus, I shall bestow you with my tried and true method of sorting the wheat from the chaff. (*Disclaimer – I tend to favor aesthetics over plot, action over horror and french over all else. With good reason).
Anyway, onwards…Essential tips for choosing from the vast array.

  1. Director. We all have our favourites, and in my book anything by Wes Anderson, Hayoyo Miyazaki (this does NOT mean Studio Ghibli), Jim Jarmusch, Spike Jonz, the Cohen Brothers, Michel Gondry and of course the delightful Mr Tarantino is sure to be a winner.
  2. Actor. There are still some in the world with integrity. They’ll only work with GOOD scripts or directors. Thus you can rest assured a film with Matthew Mcconaughey, Tilda Swinton, Audrey Tatou, Marion Cotillard, Gerard Depardieu, Bill Murray, Nick Cave (including inclusion in soundtrack), and the ever classy Audrey H (yes, she’s making a reappearance this year) will be a goodie.
  3. STILL IMAGE. Are you immediately interested? Drawn in? Read no further, chances are these will be your favourites for years to come. I have always maintained this as the very best indicator, closely followed by…
  4. The Title. Does it grab you? Intrigue you? Interest you? Go and see it then!
  5. Availability. Not to be discounted, your actual ability to make it to the right theatre at the right time is an essential component of a successful film festival. Actually, some of my favourite movies were seen because I just happened to be free at the time. So there you have it. Get a 10 pass. See movies for the sake of it. The End.

Voila! Now all you need to do is sit back wait until June 23rd for the programme release, whilst musing on the above words of wisdom.

A classic example of a perfect movie still.

And another one. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

The NZIFF Website

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