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Moores Bay

Moores Bay

A wee flyover done this summer of our stunning Kawau Island spot. Yes, its for sale, the whole shebang! Contact to find out more.
AI and PC

AI and PC

By AI I mean artificial intelligence not alcohol intravenously and PC is politicaly correct and not the device . Over the last 20 years  things or process have become more politically correct. In actual fact it’s all been prep for a world of dealing with “computer says no”. PCness is all about ensuring rules , ... Read More

Labour’s Weekend

The last few weeks, in fact leading up to election proves we don’t really need a government as things just carry on. There is no doubt that National could’ve done much more both during the GFC and especially in the last few years and platforming on business as usual wasn’t really a brilliant strategy in ... Read More


Isn’t it just assumed that any government will prioritise funding for the best healthcare, education and policing? Then why are these election issues? It’s because politicians can’t achieve specific outcomes, so talking in general mumble fumble about billions of dollars into health, education etc. is easy.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a top 10 list ... Read More


Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing “news” about the affordability, boom, bust of Auckland Property. I am!  Property buying is about demand and confidence. Demand is over because government measures and because the majority of eligible Auckland house buyers purchased or upgraded in the 4 years starting in 2013. So without demand people lose ... Read More
10 Things to Consider when furnishing your brand new home

10 Things to Consider when furnishing your brand new home

1. Resist the temptation to buy all new. Moving into your brand new home is an exciting time! You bought it off the plans and now, finally, heres the moment you’ve been waiting for! While undoubtedly you’ll have some big purchases to make to get you settled, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater ... Read More
Common sense thoughts on buying an Apartment.

Common sense thoughts on buying an Apartment.

Size An apartment has an entrance lobby, car park spaces and usually a well planned layout that limits wasted corridors and space. Therefore comparing the size of an apartment to a stand alone home isn’t the right comparison.  Also if you live in a 3 bed home now, you don’t necessarily need a 3 bedroom apartment. A spare ... Read More

A Reason For Being

Brent Hulena in conversation with Jacq Knight   Architect Brent Hulena has worked on some very big and historically sensitive developments in his career, but none are as big or as sensitive as Peninsula One in Orakei Bay Village, and he is excited by both the opportunity and the challenge. Hulena sits in his light and ... Read More


  The smart people will still be out buying property now!  Even though the market has gone quiet, there is uncertainty regarding interest rates, amounts of equity and prices rising etc.  The fundamentals of a strong housing market continue and they’re only getting better. Australia’s economy is on the up, farmers are on the up, ... Read More

The History of Orakei Bay Village

In 2007 Equinox funded a developer to purchase various blocks of land on Orakei Road adjacent to the Orakei Rail Station. In 2009, as a result of the recession, Equinox took over the site. Prior to this, in 2007, Auckland City Council as it then was, introduced the idea of this land (along with some of their own) ... Read More
Auckland City Cycleway

Auckland City Cycleway

We’ve been beavering away at Orakei Bay Village, and watching in avid interest the goings on with the new cycleway. Heres the description from the AT website. This exciting and much needed new path will connect our retail hub to the CBD, making Auckland that wee bit more user friendly. Yus!   Hobson Bay – ... Read More

Affordable housing now has to mean different housing

The biggest single cost of a new average priced house today is dealing with Government and Council.  It isn’t the land price nor is it the ever increasing cost of construction. So moving the city limit  boundaries out doesn’t  mean cheaper housing  it means more Council (infrastructure costs).  Similarly Government building houses  vs the private sector ... Read More


If I were standing for Mayor, my main policies would revolve around  people, transport,  parks and house prices PEOPLE It’s time we had a non-politician for Mayor who is able to run the City like a business . For far too long the bureaucrats working at the Council have created systems around themselves to protect ... Read More

I’m not so sure about this Government…..TCF

I’m not talking about ponytailgate – that probably was an important distraction as to what is really going on.  I’m also not talking about whether you like John Key and his band or not. I’m talking about the people who work for government departments – they are really the government. The Commissioners, the CEO’s, The ... Read More

Rising house prices – WHO IS RIGHT?

So the reserve bank says prices rising because Aucklanders don’t want development next door to them – translation – the time it takes developers to get consents is awfully long as the RMA process  allows anyone to object.  Housing minister Nick Smith – says its because land prices have gone through the roof – translation ... Read More

EQ Summer News 2015

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Follow us on Facebook for more EQ news! View this email in your browser  Summer News 2015 The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the beautiful but annoying Pohutukawa needles have almost disappeared. Yes, its the most glorious Kiwi summer since 1942! Along with the usual updates on our developments, we’d also ... Read More

EQ Spring News 2014

    The election campaign given you an itchy vote finger? Why not vote on our EQ Homes campaign….. View this email in your browser Spring News 2014 Spring! Glorious time of inclement weather, baby animals and signal for gym owners everywhere to rub their hands in glee.And, since it’s spring and you are an ... Read More


NOT HOT – Mobile phone blackspots NOT HOT – Magness Benrow and Mad Butcher Ads – Please stop them NOT HOT – Continued news  about the Labour Leadership NOT HOT – Winston Peters being interviewed about impt issues that face New Zealand and the world HOT – The Grove development in papakura – new 5 ... Read More
Is it Just me, or…..

Is it Just me, or…..

Do we spend ( translate waste) so much time setting up our devices, organising and viewing social media that if we measured it in hours it is huge $$$ invested every week. How often do you set up a new phone, iPad, computer, home hub, pebble watch, printer, wifi, router etc and download all the latest ... Read More

EQ Homes “Name A Street”

[wp-tiles] EQ Homes’s first ever “Name A Street” Competition. First up, the family-friendly Redoubt Ridge suburb — the road to be named is Road 3. Road 3 is a continuation of Joseph St. You can view the map here: For a better view, download the PDF file here. As with all competitions, there are rules. ... Read More
The Homeless Seal

The Homeless Seal

Yesterday walking along an auckland beach a group of bystanders stood worried in a circle around a seal that looked as it were trying to sleep. Three of them had phones out calling Doc, the council and seal rescue. They shooed dogs away and had concerned looks on their faces. They announced they would wait ... Read More

Housing Affordability Facts

I purchased my first house in 1983 for $63,000. It was slightly above the auckland price. At the time my annual income was $5000 a year although the average income was more alike $8500 a year.  So lets take $8500 as a % of $63,000 – that equals 13.5%. Now lets take the average income ... Read More

The Google

Im getting annoyed. There was a time when Google truly represented information on any topic. Now the first 1, 2 even up to 10 pages are dictated by paid placements. So if you want to look for coastal land for sale near Auckland you have to wade though pages of organisations who pay to keep ... Read More
The Smart House is coming…

The Smart House is coming…

If you believe the hype, then no longer does one have to worry about the oven being left on, a dripping tap, or running out of milk. Our devices will allow us to communicate with our homes from afar, and our homes to interact with us intuitively when we are there –great for everyone from ... Read More

EQ Winter News

  Why porridge is the best and modern design will reign forever, as well as a spot of educationally educational info about specialty coffee. View this email in your browser Winter News 2014 Ahh, it seems we have well and truly delved into winter coat season and are all eagerly looking forward to ski trips, ... Read More

EQ Autumn News

  Nat answers our burning questions, building advice from the best, and other latest goings on in EQ Land. View this email in your browser Autumn News 2014 The days are shortening, the weather is cooling off and those crisp blue skied days are upon us again! This issue of the Equinox News celebrates our ... Read More


So do you turn the radio off when the squabbling magness benrow people start screeching, or when the mad butcher says his stuff. What about the briscoes lady, and the everyone gets a bargain catchphrase?  I suppose this blog is no different –  we all  try and promote our products using subtle or extreme messages. ... Read More

Orakei in the NBR

If you’re a member of the National Business Review; read article here. Otherwise, pdf version here: CUserscameronAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.Outlook7NZCHRVR20140207101319142.
Predictions of the year to come…

Predictions of the year to come…

Here’s my predictions: 1.Interest rates won’t go up next week – why should they? 2. The economy will be very very strong in 2014 – it’s election year 3. The economy will be strong in 2015 – doesn’t matter which parties get in – they are all middle of the road and only intent on ... Read More

Why not to buy an Auckland Apartment for Investment.

So, the usual dinner hour telephone marketing call arrives and with a great run sheet, the caller engages you in your financial future. The net result is you buy a shoebox Auckland rental apartment, as the income is so good and the Auckland housing growth rates look promising.  The reality is you are buying into ... Read More

Auckland has no housing shortage

So, researchers at the department of housing worked out some years years ago that  a combination of kids leaving home and setting up new homes from aged 17, all ex pats returning from OE’s ( translation working in a pub in London or the mines in Australia) , full immigration, the elderly remaining younger and ... Read More

Our wonderful stop start economic policy

Its happening again as it always does – the tinkering of our economy to stop house prices going up and up in certain  parts of the country. First it was the “reserve bank” (year right it was them) lending restrictions. Hasn’t stopped prices but it now means first home buyers are put off, and the ... Read More


If I advertised a house for sale, knowing in 5 years time that my income from rental was going to reduce by 1/3rd and also knowing that my neighbour in the next year was going to change and become a gang house – then I wouldn’t expect a high market price. In fact I probably ... Read More
Rant #1: The glorious Media.

Rant #1: The glorious Media.

Sometimes the newspaper radio and TV need to stop and take a breath. Alternatively they need to have items that are News and other items under the heading CRAP. That will mean in most cases news is 10% and crap becomes 90% of what we watch, look and listen to. Why are we commenting on ... Read More