Equinox Capital Limited welcomes investors, and are happy to discuss tailored investment solutions for you. Our experienced, competent team are on hand for any questions you may have.

Golden Fund Ltd is our Equinox investor finance company. Investors subscribe to redeemable preference shares, in accordance with an agreed time frame and return. Investment is only available to those investors who have New Zealand Securities Act exemption and are known personally to Equinox directors. Many of Golden Fund shareholders have invested with us since the early 1990’s. We also manage direct investor loans in projects which enable the investor to receive a higher return in the 10 to 15% range.

Equinox actively seeks investors who are interested in receiving secure returns from their New Zealand investments.

We offer a large range of products and services, from accounting to management support. We understand all investors are different and as such, their requirements differ.

Equinox is proud to have never lost any investor funds, despite being in business through two recessions, and is eager to create tailored capital investment solutions for you.