Plans are afoot now.

Welcome to Wanaka Lodge, the first New Zealand Boutique Hotels (NZBH) project to be embarked upon.

Equinox has had lakeside land, minutes from the town centre for years.  With resource consent in place, we are ready to build and operate the first of our boutique hotels. We have identified a gap in the NZ leisure hotel market in NZ destinations which have all round tourism – the major cities plus Wanaka and Queenstown. There are plenty of top end $1200 plus a night lodges, and even more large format hotels at $200 to $300 a night. Our formula is to hit the higher end market, but target the traveller who doesn’t want to spend $1000 or $1500 a night but still wants luxury, space and a boutique feeling.

NZ Boutique Hotel will have 20 – 25 hotel rooms with oversized bathrooms. The number of rooms varies – dependant on how many have mezzanines. The actual construction and design is extremely plain, being a watertight shell which is then decorated inside and out using NZ high country sheep station materials – old iron, wood and stone clad over new modern weathertight materials. The whole area will be beautifully landscaped.

This small hotel concept can be run by a couple using part time labour where required. Marketing would be centralised in Auckland by Equinox. The hotel would have a lounge/bar restaurant which would appeal to locals (as it is small) and would serve a country breakfast – to be included in the rate, as well as coffee/tea/alcohol with platters. Guests would be able to order pizza and other takeaways and be welcomed to eat in the lounge bar. Other facilities would be a drying room (for ski gear), a massage room and a spa pool.

We are currently seeking investors for this exciting opportunity.

Interior Inspiration