Predictions of the year to come…

Predictions of the year to come…

Here’s my predictions:

1.Interest rates won’t go up next week – why should they?
2. The economy will be very very strong in 2014 – it’s election year
3. The economy will be strong in 2015 – doesn’t matter which parties get in – they are all middle of the road and only intent on doing things to get voted back in again – instead of doing the  jobs they were voted in  for
4. Property will go up by 10% in Auckland
5. At the end of 2014  coastal and bach property NZ wide will boom
6. Dairy Farmers will still be able to pollute the countryside as farmers are not naturally inclined to protect the environment.
7. Climate change won’t change
8. We will still all spend ridiculous amounts of time on technology.
9. Equinox will still have great property to sell

Seriously…welcome back to what we hope will be a great year!


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