The Google

Im getting annoyed. There was a time when Google truly represented information on any topic. Now the first 1, 2 even up to 10 pages are dictated by paid placements. So if you want to look for coastal land for sale near Auckland you have to wade though pages of organisations who pay to keep generic information at your eye tips.  You don’t get the information on the one off project or property like Moores Bay  ( – a true gem, instead you are directed to real estate agents, other real estate sites and irrelevant information.  Tried booking for a hotel in another city – same issue – the paid hotel chains dominate many of the first pages often with multiple entries for the same hotels and not necessarily anywhere non the location you are looking.  So good on you google – you’ve gone for the money and left the people who rely on you to be directed to those organizations or information that have paid you the most. Anyone got ideas of what search engine we should change to that doesn’t do this?

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