So do you turn the radio off when the squabbling magness benrow people start screeching, or when the mad butcher says his stuff. What about the briscoes lady, and the everyone gets a bargain catchphrase?  I suppose this blog is no different –  we all  try and promote our products using subtle or extreme messages.  Yes we, do want to get people looking at an equinox home  ( in the auckland region but we also believe that important issues deserve comment. (by the way , as well as turning off the magness benrow ads I have vowed to never enter one of the madness benrow stores as a result of the ads!)

So being bombarded daily by ads…faecbook, u tube, google , on buses, signs, paper, tv, radio, magazines we do become immune and sometimes familiarity can breed contempt.( as with magness benrow).

Does a radio station exist to play music – or does it exist to make revenue from ads?  Similarly Facebook and google started with great intent but now exist only to create advertising revenue.  If you pay enough to goggle you can get to the first page – ever wondered when you sertach for hotel on google that all the internet travel companies come up first. They pay huge money for this but we as the searcher don’t get to really view the best or most popular hotels…just the  ones that pay google a lot…. mind you they charge each hotel 25% as a commission rate – so always book direct on a hotels own website , or email them – you will do much better ( upgrade room, free parking or breakfast, wifi etc)

Anyway if we weren’t surrounded by ads – imagine the silence and all the extra time we would have!!


ps please do comment on your annoying ad…maybe the creators will read it?



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