Affordable housing now has to mean different housing

The biggest single cost of a new average priced house today is dealing with Government and Council.  It isn’t the land price nor is it the ever increasing cost of construction. So moving the city limit  boundaries out doesn’t  mean cheaper housing  it means more Council (infrastructure costs).  Similarly Government building houses  vs the private sector isn’t going  to translate to cheaper construction.

Its time Council allowed houses and  land to be  smaller.  There is an entire small house movement going on worldwide and it is ignored in New Zealand because Council bureaucrats have deemed 30m² is too small for an apartment , even though the price point would  be under $400,000. Similarly with land subdivision,  the average requirement is 300 to 400m² in size.   Reducing  this footprint to 120m²  would  still allow a 3 bedroom  home to be built at a price point easily under $600,000.

Its time these options were implemented rather than continuing to  manipulate borrowing ratios,  or worse just reading  constant newspaper headlines about affordability.

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