I’m not so sure about this Government…..TCF

I’m not talking about ponytailgate – that probably was an important distraction as to what is really going on.  I’m also not talking about whether you like John Key and his band or not. I’m talking about the people who work for government departments – they are really the government. The Commissioners, the CEO’s, The Heads of Department.  It’s those people who are dictating policy and those policies are starting to wear down the patience of business owners.  I don’t even think John Key is aware of the impact in time, cost and frustration these government departments are imposing.

Take the recent Money Laundering legislation (aka Do what the Americans Want legislation).  The FMA effectively wants all deposits paid under sale and purchase agreements to be audited in case that payment comes from money laundering activities. The Time Cost and Frustration (lets call it TCF) of dealing with this is enormous.

What about the TCF of dealing with the tax department – especially as the government has employed hundreds if not thousands of investigators who have no idea that we just had a financial crisis in which most companies lost huge amounts or real money.

We are property developers – imagine our TCF when government competes with us in selling land just around the corner from our site. They have an unlimited marketing budget, they can get their own consents using their own developed SHA process and have the funds to leave completed land sitting for 2 years without even needing to sell it.

It goes on and on – government now wants to sell surplus land in Auckland that was never zoned, or had infrastructure provided to developers.  DUH – hadn’t they already agreed to sell all surplus land to Iwi – even if it is under or next to power lines, motorways or gets no sun.

I wont even get started on deals with Saudis, the Casino, changing the OIO act etc.

Remember its not the politicians that are doing this – its the government departments that provide the opinions, mandates and ideas that leaves us all with TCF

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

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