Isn’t it just assumed that any government will prioritise funding for the best healthcare, education and policing? Then why are these election issues? It’s because politicians can’t achieve specific outcomes, so talking in general mumble fumble about billions of dollars into health, education etc. is easy.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a top 10 list like this:
1. Taxi’s (government and council fleets )to be all electric in 5 years
2. Plastic bags and packaging illegal within 12 months
3. Fonterra turns into a value-add business rather than requiring farmers to over farm for milk powder production and put our environment at risk
4. Immigrants get more residency points for living out of Auckland
5. Immigrants pay catch up tax by compulsory investment in infrastructure bonds
6. Auckland Port closed and electric passenger and goods train line to Marsden (would open up the north for tourism and provide jobs). Port replaced with sports ground!
7. Trial unemployed and homeless to work as construction labourers supervised by government with such new workforce available to constructors working on government projects
8. Decile 10 private schools set up in low decile areas
9. Auckland congestion solved by 20% overnight by one day a week every driver having to become car-less

10. Government pay for infrastructure for housing (immediate $200k reduction in the cost of new homes ) as they get the benefit of new immigrant future tax take.