The smart people will still be out buying property now!  Even though the market has gone quiet, there is uncertainty regarding interest rates, amounts of equity and prices rising etc.  The fundamentals of a strong housing market continue and they’re only getting better.

Australia’s economy is on the up, farmers are on the up, our growth for the next few years is probably going to exceed expectations, tourism is up and immigration  looks to continue at high levels.

The reports we’re getting back from most real estate agents is that things have gone quiet Auckland wide, yet now is the time to go out and buy and potentially get discounts off asking prices from developers who need to move stock.

If you wait until next year, when things settle down again and confidence resumes then all that will happen is prices will increase by another $50,000 or so and/or the Government via the Reserve Bank will put in even more harsh lending restrictions.

So don’t wait!! Buy now before Christmas!! and if you’re looking for a great 5 bedroom home then come to The Grove, 61 Grove Road, Papakura as we have a couple of houses that are now  available.

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